Water Supply

The District’s drinking water is supplied by Little Pond, a pristine, 77-acre spring-fed pond in a protected area of Damariscotta. An ultraviolet light water treatment system serves as a primary disinfectant and chlorine as a secondary disinfectant.

  • Little Pond
    View of Little Pond

The Welton Tank on Standpipe Rd. in Damariscotta and the Academy Hill Tank in Newcastle feed the Twin Villages, equalizing the distribution system while adding extra fire protection. Generators provide backup power to all areas of the system.


Please call our Water Division Manager, Scott Abbotoni, at 207-563-3010, or send an email to water@gsbsd.org. Or, click here for more contact options or to locate our District Office.

Scam Alert

In the fall of 2014, we received this email from an employee of one of our fellow water districts warning of a scam:

My name is Sarah and I am writing you from the Brunswick & Topsham Water District. It was recommended by my General Manager, Alan Frasier, to email you in notification of an unusual incident that occurred yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon a customer called and said that we had just called her and let her know that her bill was past due. If she did not pay within the hour, they would be dispatching a technician to her location to disconnect her water. I checked her account and told her that she was paid in full and no phone call from our office was ever placed.

The customer told me the name of the gentleman was Anthony Garcia and he called from 1-800-964-7875. I told her that no one by that name works out of our office and we do not use a 1-800 number to contact customers. I told her not to worry, she was all set, and we would investigate the matter further.

After hanging up with the customer, I called the number she gave me. Anthony answered and introduced himself as the City Water District. I hung up afterwards. He promptly called me back on my cellphone and again answered as Anthony from the City Water District. I told him that I worked for the Brunswick & Topsham Water District and asked which district he was working for. He told me the same one I work at. I told him that I didn’t see him in my office, and he promptly hung up.

I did some online research and found that this number is a utility scam that has occurred in several states. They call customers, tell them their bill is past due, and that they need payment within the hour otherwise their service would be disconnected.

I wanted to let you know so you could possibly bring it to the attention of other water districts in the area in case they are hit with these phony phone calls. I have put messages on our Facebook and website and they have attracted a lot of attention. I just thought it would be nice to share the info with as many people as possible.

Thank you for your time!

For more information about spotting phone scams, see “Hang Up on New Utility Bill Phone Scam.”